Speech and Language Base

What we offer and how children access the SLB

We are a specialist placement for 9 children whose main difficulties are severe speech and/or language.Children from around Darlington can attend the SLB. Their placement will have been recommended by Speech and Language Therapist, Educational Psychologist and the Local Authority.


Children spend the majority of their day in their mainstream classroom and receive support when necessary. They are also withdrawn to the SLB for their speech and language therapy and individual educational needs. This may be small groups or on an individual basis.

“The Speech and Language Base is especially effective in supporting individual children to overcome any language difficulties that they may have” – Ofsted January 2019.

The Speech and Language Base Team

The SLB team are made up of two specialist Higher Level Teaching Assistants – Mrs Popple, and Miss Douthwaite, and a part time specialist Speech and Language Therapist – Miss Kristi Eddy.


Ethos of the Speech and Language Base

The SLB team’s main objective is to ensure that the children in our care make the maximum level of progress possible by working together to address the needs of our individual children. We include parents and class teachers as key partners in the team and work closely with them, enabling them to help their children more effectively.

Whatever a child needs, we try our best to ensure that it is provided. We work closely with other professionals when necessary and implement their recommendations. We are proactive at understanding our children as a whole person. We know that in order for a child to thrive in school and life in general they need to have effective and confident communication skills. We try our best to ensure the best communicative outcomes for our children.

We have an open door policy and welcome visitors. Call us on 01325 267225 and come and visit us.


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