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How we communicate with Parents and Carers

In order to provide our children with the best education, it is vital that we have clear lines of communication with our school community and that parents/carers know what communication to expect.  Communication from Northwood Primary School takes many forms and is for a variety of purposes. Below we’ve outlined the key channels of communication and what they’re used for.

Telephone - 01325 267222

The telephones are the main form of communication for parents/ carers who have an enquiry about a child or about the school.  This is the most efficient way for anyone to get in touch with any member of staff. 

Marvellous Me App

Please ensure you download the Marvellous Me App as this is the main way the school, teachers and other members of staff send information to parents/carers, - whether it’s sharing good news, letting parents/carers know when their child has won a certificate, or sending curriculum overviews, newsletters and other important information. 


Although Marvellous Me is our main form of communication with parents / carers, you can also contact the school via email. Emails are a great way to get in touch with school when you don’t need an instant response, e.g. you need to provide some information or you have a non-urgent query.

Text Messages

In some cases, a message needs to be communicated quickly to parents/ carers at the last minute or if a parent hasn’t answered the phone (e.g. medical issue, attendance issue).  At these times you may receive a text message if we think this will be the best way to let you know why we called. 


Facebook is used to share good news, events and exciting curriculum experiences happening at Northwood.  It can also be used as a messaging system for parents to contact school however please be aware that responses to Facebook messages may take up to 2 working days.

The Website

This website has a wealth of information about the school and how it operates on a daily basis.  The website is updated when information about the school changes e.g. school lunch menus, staff changes etc.  There is a ‘Parents’ section that includes key information, newsletters and the school calendar.

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