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Our Ethos and Values

The Staff and Governors of Northwood School are committed to providing the very best education for our pupils: providing our children with skills and attitudes that will form the foundations for a love of learning and an understanding of their important role in society; where everyone is valued for their unique contribution and developed to reach their full potential. We want our pupils to be safe and secure, and happy and successful in all that they do and to be fully included in the life of the school.

We Aim:

• To make learning fun and so help pupils develop lively, enquiring minds and independent learning and thinking skills,

• To help children achieve their very best and reach their full potential,

• To help pupils acquire knowledge and skills that will equip them for life in the 21st century,

• To help pupils care for each other and develop a respect for and tolerance of others regardless of ethnicity, gender or religion,

• To help pupils develop a sense of wonder and understanding and empathy with the world in which they live, work and play,

• To lay the foundations for developing good citizens of the future,

• To celebrate achievement and success,

• To promote self-esteem and help pupils recognise their own worth,

• To create an inclusive school where everyone feels valued and encouraged to succeed,

• To make each day make a difference to all our futures.

Our 3 Virtues

At Northwood Primary School we also like to instil our 3 virtues in all that we do:


For us, kindness is not only about being kind to others. Importantly, it is about being kind to yourself too. Being kind to yourself and others is about manners, politeness as well as accepting your areas of weakness. If we don’t accept that we have areas for developments, we will not see the true potential we have to grow. Kindness is also about how we are in our local and other communities. Children from Northwood recognise the important role they play as citizens in the local area. Being kind to others involves celebrating our differences and learning about a wide range of views and beliefs.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”


Courage is part of the character we grow at Northwood. It is about having the courage to push yourself to achieve ambitious goals. It is also about being brave and participating in conversations and offering your contributions. Children are taught that they can and should express their thoughts and opinions. This is also about learning from mistakes and errors.

"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”


At Northwood, we recognise that we all can and will make mistakes. We teach that the important part of making mistakes is learning from them and eventually becoming successful. A key thought to bear in mind is ‘not yet’. If you can’t do something yet, be resilient and you will grow to be successful. Some things in school and life are difficult, we need to build resilience so that we don’t give up easily and seek help when needed.

“All things are difficult before they are easy.”

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