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Safeguarding at Northwood Primary School

Everyone employed at our school has a responsibility in relation to child protection. In most cases this will be the referral of concerns to his/ her line manager. In day to day contact with children at risk, we have opportunity to note concerns and to meet with parents and other associated adults, where this is appropriate.

Increasingly, schools are expected to work with, and support different agencies to enable the most appropriate form of intervention to take place. The needs and safety of the child is at the centre of any decision we may need to take.​

Please CLICK HERE to view our full Child Protection and Safeguarding policy on our poilicies page.

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead: Sarah Kelly, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead: Zoe Beach - Responsibility for managing vulnerable children and ensuring workforce clearly understands their responsibilities.

  • DSL and LAC Designated Teacher: Ensures PEPS are up to date and current.

  • SENCO: The role of the SENCO is paramount in supporting vulnerable children.

  • The importance of meeting and greeting to ensure children are ready to learn.

  • Ensure children subject to a school plan including behaviour, EHC, CIN and LAC plans are fully supported.

  • Administration of Medicine, First Aid and Intimate Care Policies

  • Staff Behaviour Policy - The policy keeps staff safe. All staff know and understand the expectations. This policy is a non-negotiable.

  • Induction - A clear and robust approach to ensuring all staff understand and know how to put policy into practice.

  • We create a culture of vigilance where there is reflection and consideration of all processes to ensure they are secure and robust.

  • Children are handed over to a known adult.

  • All staff have read and understand Part 1, Annex A of ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’.

  • Recruitment and Selection Policy including Safer Recruitment.

  • Building Maintenance Officer -Responsibility for maintaining a safe school site.

  • Robust Procedures linked to risk assessing school visits and trips – are these risks shared with children?

  • Mobile Phone and Camera Policy.

  • Supervision both in the classrooms and outside.

  • Internal doors securely closed.

  • Safe playtime equipment

  • Annual check of the PE equipment.

  • Risk Management

  • Padlocks regularly checked to ensure they open and close easily

  • Within the curriculum we teach children how to manage risk and keep themselves safe

  • Relationship Education policy and practice


  • E-Safety

  • Building a "listening" school where pupil voice is paramount.

  • British Values

  • Bicycle training and Pedestrian training

  • ID badges and Visitor badges

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