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Medicines prescribed by a doctor may be given in school but only once the necessary paperwork has been completed. However we do not expect parents to ask staff to administer medication unless:

(a) It is absolutely essential that this takes place during school hours i.e. to be taken four times a day, and

(b)The parent/carer is unable to come into school him/herself to administer the medication at the appropriate time.

We are always willing to discuss concerns or problems and will make every effort to help and support where possible.

Regular vision and hearing checks are carried out in school.

If treatment is necessary the school nurse will inform you.

The school nurse no longer examines the children’s hair.


It is essential that parents inform the school if head lice are found so we can alert other parents to examine their children’s hair.

In the event of a child contracting an infectious disease please notify the Head Teacher as soon as possible.

You can view our full 'Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions' policy HERE.

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