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Pupil Voice

Starting a new school is a big deal for children, and for many, it’s not something that happens just at the beginning of Reception and again when they start secondary school. Many children face a move to a new school at some stage, whether that’s because of a house move, relocating to the UK, a switch from an independent to a state school (or vice versa) or a problem at their current school. As such below you can hear from some of our children about their experiences of joining Northwood Primary School.

Q. How did you prepare for your first day at Northwood?


As well as having a tour around the school, getting to meet our new teachers and going to see our new classrooms, we got to have a look at the school website and Facebook page which provided curriculum information to show exactly what we would be learning!

Q. How was your first day?


My new teacher paired me up with a ‘buddy’ - a girl in my class that he knew I would get on with and that would look after me and show me where everything is. Everyone in school was so friendly and helpful and showed me where I needed to go.

Q. What are your new teachers like?


My new teacher is really nice and helpful. She helps me with my work  when I am stuck but also says well done and how proud she is when I am successful. We do lots of fun       learning in our lessons.

Q. What are the children like? Did you make new friends?


I’ve made so many friends with children in my class, the year group and at lunch and break time—other children from different year groups. There were lots of other children to play with during activities in Breakfast and After School Club too!


My new teacher is really good at Maths and made me feel like I can be the best I can be! I also loved that all of the teachers came and said hello and introduced themselves to me because I was new.

Q. Did you go to any clubs?

Yes! Three! Monday is Art Club, Tuesday is Dance Club and Thursday is Cooking Club, but there are others too! I feel so lucky to go to all of these and as well as being amazing good fun, they are all free. At my old school you had to pay!

Q. How does your teacher tell you that they are proud of you?


I got stickers from my teacher for being helpful, for trying hard in my work and for good singing. She also sent me badges on Marvellous Me.


It was rubbish at my old school—they did ‘House Points’, so only 1/4 of the school received a reward. At Northwood, the ‘Recognition Board‘ means its takes a team effort to earn a jewel but once we get 15—the whole class gets a treat! I was recognised in the ‘Celebration Assembly’ and received a certificate for ’Being A Good Friend’.

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