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School Games Active Championships

The School Games Active Championships is a fun, engaging national activity campaign for kids across the UK to get active. The School Games Active Championships is meant to be a new way to engage today’s kids, who are always using digital platforms on mobiles, tablets and computers, and transforming their time spent on-screen into time spent physically active.

Primary aged children can join the School Games Active Championships at any time with FREE active challenges being set via videos within a special version of the TopYa! Active App. Children of all ages can practice the challenge, then submit their best performance video using their mobile device to receive FREE personal coaching feedback from our team of experienced virtual coaches, earning points for each video submitted, climbing leaderboards and winning prizes!

Just follow the steps below to register and makes sure to use our unique school code when

you're signing up: 28115. 

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How do I sign up?

Download the App
Register as a Parent
or Player
Use invite code 28115

Follow these steps...

Create your own account, and then create your young person's account(s). Skip the invite process and simply tell them their username or let them use your device to submit challenges. (They need your permission to use the app if they are younger than 13). All activity on the app is COPPA and GDPR compliant, providing a safe online space for children to complete skill challenges, upload videos and get thoughtful virtual coaching feedback.


  1. Download the TopYa! Active app from the App Store or Google Play

  2. Create your Parent account

  3. When prompted to enter the Invite Code 28115

  4. Then create your kid(s) account(s)

  5. Let them work on the activities on their own device or film and upload videos from your device on their behalf!

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