The teaching of Mathematics at Northwood uses the New National Curriculum end of year expectations and the Early Learning Goals to ensure that there is a consistent, whole-school strategy to the teaching and learning of Mathematics, with a focus on developing the children's fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills.

We aim to provide all pupils with direct teaching every day, which is oral, interactive and stimulating. Teaching styles and lesson structure provide opportunities for pupils to consolidate their previous learning, use and apply their knowledge and understanding, pose and ask questions, investigate mathematical ideas, reflect on their own learning and make links with other work.

Our approach to teaching is based on some key principles:

  • A dedicated maths lesson every day.

  • Daily basic skills teaching that reinforces mental calculation and arithmetic skills.

  • Weekly Arithmetic tests that allow children to monitor their own progress and understand how to improve.

  • Supporting children to be aspirational and provide them with the skills and knowledge that they need to achieve their goals and develop their talents.

  • Activities that engage and motivate pupils.

  • Providing children with exciting learning opportunities which allow them to apply their skills, show independence, communicate effectively and become creative problem solvers ready for ‘real life’.

  • A stimulating maths learning environment.

Calculation Policy

Please CLICK HERE to view our Calculation Policy

This policy is intended to demonstrate how we teach different forms of calculation at Northwood Primary school. It is organised by year groups although some higher ability children may use methods from later year groups. In the KS2 tests at the end of year 6, children are expected to use written formal methods for all four operations(addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).