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Parent Voice

At Northwood Primary School, parental feedback is really important to us and we know it's vital that we work closely with parents/carers
to explore ways in whichwe can continue to develop the school and ensure our children are happy and successful throughout their time at Northwood.
With this in mind, we like to gather as much feedback as possible by collecting responses to our parent questionnaire. We'd like to say a big thank you to all of the parents/carers who take part in the questionnaires, and we are thrilled to be able to share the following results with you from our most recent survey outcomes along with some comments parents/carers have made.

Parent Questionnaire statements - Our parent questionnaire provides a series of statements for parents/carers to respond to. The information below shows these statements along with the proportion of parents who either agreed or strongly agreed with them.

pq results nov23.png

Both of my children have received wonderful support from all of the staff that they encounter at Northwood - from SEND support to simply making them feel content and safe.

My child speaks very highly of the teachers and enjoys school and learning.

Can't thank the school enough for everything they do.

I'm very happy with my child's progress in school. They are happy coming to school and any concerns I have are dealt with efficiently.

My child loves coming to school and is doing really well. Credit to the teachers and staff.

We've made a very successful school move in-year which was a seamless transition. Wish we had done it sooner. Amazing, supportive, approachable, passionate teachers. 

Absolutely amazing! My child is very supported. The staff have been so supportive with their needs and ensured I am kept in the loop.

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